Sex in Marriage: Reviving The Timeless Act of Love

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Love is like gravity. Once you fall, you can’t do anything but just fall. Usually this fall takes a very long time and usually ends up in marriage. As soon as two bodies come together, it is such a blissful moment when the two practice their rights to have sex in marriage. But sometime in the next few years, more couples just stop doing this. Sometimes the last time they made love is a few months or even a few years back. When they are asked, most cannot pinpoint the reason of their sexual declines. But how can you deal with sex related topics in your marriage?

Freshening up the Sex Life

Sex in marriage usually stops because of three main reasons: because the children keep the parents tired, because it requires more stamina or because sex just became very predictable for them. Failing to resolve these issues may end up in more serious matters such as cheating spouses, marriage apathy and even a divorce. To prevent this from happening, here are a few tips on resolving sexually related problems.

Enriching the Sexual Experience 

The thing about sex is it never stops getting better. The problem isn’t the sex itself, it’s actually the arousal. Many people find arousal very predictable as soon as they are around eight to ten years. But if arousal is getting boring, why not try something exotic and unpredictable? For the ladies, they can surprise their husbands into arousing them by performing a pole dance while wearing a smoking red-hot lingerie with perfume and hot music to soothe the evening. For men, they can secretly sneak into taking massage courses where they can master the art of relaxation and then play a seductive music in the background as they massage their wives.

sex in marriage
Communication is an Important Factor

The thing about sexual problems is that, these are problems that can’t easily be talked about. Nobody can just talk to their wives and say, “Our sex life is declining, should we do it?” Not only is it informal, but it also doesn’t give out that spark that your partner expects. This is why sexual problems can most easily be resolved by letting your partner feel it than say it. To do this, one must learn how to love their partners all over again. Small things such as romantic dinner dates or a walk in the park, the things that a couple do during their first dates would help revitalize the couple’s feelings towards each other, that may lead to somewhere as the night ends.

The most amazing part of having marriage is having children, but sometimes children can consume the couple’s time in love making. This is why couple’s should hire baby sitters and go rent a room as if it was their first time together. Simulating first love always brings the spark out of a bland relationship.

Sexual problems aren’t hard to resolve, most of the time the solutions are just close at hand, but the best part about sex in marriage isn’t the sex. It’s about knowing that the person you’re doing it with is your happy ever after.

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