Married Man and Single Woman Affair – a Bittersweet Seduction

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Really what is it that makes it so tempting for married man and single woman to have an affair?  There must be something or some kind of explanation to make some single women fall for it.  We know women who fell into an oblivion of an indiscreet affair with a married man.  But why – is it sweet seduction that happens?  Married men are more experienced? Naivete of women? Is that it?  Or are there deeper reasons behind it?

Why Single Women Is Attracted To Married Men?

According to Dr. Stephanie Newman, a clinical psychologist and author of the Book, Mad Men on the Couch, there is no straightforward answer why women are so attracted to married men.   Newman  said, “that while some women wants the traditional type of emotional and financial stability others may perhaps want less than the entire enchilada of being married and have children.”  

Newman also stressed that single women who engages in an affair with a married man may want more than just a one-night-stand affair but not the whole shebang of a full-time partner.  
But an affair is not reasonable in every sense or may not be justified because of the deceitfulness, cheating and lies both the married man and single woman are doing.   Hence, trust and honesty is not at the top of their list.

Possible Reasons of an Affair

Although a married man and single woman affair is scandalous and indecent in nature, many contemporary single women engage in the so called “mate copying” that would lead to an illicit love affair. Or simply put that it is human nature for most of us to see a food look more appetizing when it is on somebody else’s plate.  Likewise, to link the idea in relationships – if one girl wants “that guy”, he must be worthy to pursue.

Here are some possible reasons why women engaged in affairs with married men. Psychological or not, reel or real – still the affair happens for a reason.

married man and single woman
•    It’s Thrilling to be Sneaky – well let’s face it everybody wants to have some excitement in their lives.  Married men are like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden so it gives one the thrill to break out in society’s stereotype rules and constraint about morality.  Moreover, both men and women find sex lustier and give them a big turn-on getting quick and sneaky sexual encounter.  Their take – it is more fun being bad and naughty.
•    Self-empowerment – some women see getting a man that belongs to another adds to her sex appeal and confidence.
•    It’s easy – for some women who have the trust and commitment issues they see that married men cheat on their wives and not with them.  Plus, there’s no strings attached so it is easier to just let go and focus on other things like their careers.
•    The Ring Spells Maturity - more women believed that a married man has more experienced and financially stable than single guys.  Some women equate that experience to give emotional support and can greatly satisfy their sexual need.
•    Purely Carnal – Something illicit spells sensual and erotic to women that sparks sexual desire or their libido.  But once he leaves the wife and wants a relationship with his mistress the fantasy and excitement would come to an end.
•    Love, revenge and naiveté – some men are chauvinists and women especially emotional female fall as prey on their lies and deceits.  As for revenge, some women just would do anything to spite her enemy – their reasons may be vague or well-defined still it is never justified.

What To Do?

There are a number of infidelity issues happening around us.  Although we believe that being married you have the full responsibility to be faithful to your spouse and that there is no excuse for single or married women to act as pigs as men who cheats.  As for the wife or husband – it takes a great big deal of understanding and a lot of insights to bring into your home and make the marriage foolproof.

The best thing to be done:  take an adventure and create your own fantasy with your spouse. Meet in a bar, act as strangers, get yourself a room and start an affair with your husband as a stranger vixen – like a married man and single woman affair.  You may never know you might just discover and explore sexual pleasures both of you never had as husband and wife.

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