5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Wedding Planner

You have finally succeeded in scheduling a meeting with the best wedding planner in town and now you have the entire evening to plan out the details for the big day. Though you will have plenty of questions for the planner, make sure you sit down and make a list of the most essential ones. Here are 5 questions to ask before choosing a wedding planner and investing both your hard-earned money and time…

Talk about the planner's experiences

Ask the wedding planner about the kind of weddings that she has organized till date. Ask her to include all the weddings irrespective of whether she has charged a fee or done for free. Talk about her relevant education in planning weddings and other relevant experiences that have enhanced her knowledge about this industry. For instance, enquire if she has worked for a florist or if she has an apprenticeship with a caterer to her credit.

Enquire about the services and packages

Take some time to explain to the wedding planner the kind of wedding event you are planning to host and then ask about relevant packages and services that they offer in that category. At times, you may be stuck between packages to suit your ceremony. In such cases, ask the planner if she offers customized packages to suit your requirements and preferences.

Talk about the best and worst experiences of the planner

It is important to know the situation handling capacity in case things do not work out as planned. Ask the planner about her best and worst experiences that she had till date. If things went wrong, what did the planner do to correct the situation and make it a smooth experience? At the same time, also note if the planner has anything negative to say about her clients while relating her experiences. That means that she is trying to get defensive and hide her flaws and is a clear indication that you should not hire this planner.

Ask for a portfolio: Every wedding is unique in its own way

Ask the planner to share her portfolio and try and gauge from it the individuality she has captured in each of the weddings. Also, ask the planner to share the testimonials that she has received from her previous clients.

Negotiate to bag a good deal

Ask if the planner offers flexible rates. Ask for any discounts that she may offer for customized packages. You may also want to include an additional service instead of asking for discounts. A second round of consultation also helps at times. Ask the planner if she allows for such flexibilities. Again, at times you may feel that a couple of services can easily be excluded from your package. Check with the planner if she can lower the price of the package in that case.

To sum up

Plan out your meeting well in advance to avoid last minute misses. Remember this is your time set expectations for the planner and if you do not do it well, all your efforts may end in vain.

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